Heavy rains demand more mulch

This article is a re-post from 2014, but is especially relevant given Colombo’s weather this week I see it everywhere. Naked soil when now is the time to add more mulch. This is not a great situation in any climate, but especially not here in the tropics. The rains are beating down and the mud is splashing. The precious nutrients in your … Read More

Intrepid Gardens 101: Choosing containers

When beginning to grow food in a small urban space, you are likely to follow up selecting your varieties¬†with choosing containers. If you are new to gardening, containers help set an achievable goal for your first successful seasons. Likewise, if you are new to an area or need to be wary of ground contaminants containers allow you to grow food crops safely … Read More

Permaculture in small spaces

In addition to our rooftop efforts, we have a tiny courtyard garden to make use of. When I first moved in, the garden had several lovely tropical varieties in pots, but the soil was either paved over or covered in stones to prevent splashing mud during the monsoon seasons. There were no edible varieties, save two tiny curry saplings. There were also … Read More

A Place of Their Very Own

In the bustling city, amongst the close facades and frenzied homeowners, it can be difficult for a bird to find a place to call home. Out of limbs and run out of attics, they’ve nowhere to bed down. A shame, considering the ecological role they could play in urban gardens and restoration efforts. While they might come after our fruits and berries, … Read More

A Compost Refresher

So by now you know composting involves layering roughly equal parts carbon- and nitrogen-rich waste, but you might be unclear on exactly which of the two are found in a particular kind of waste. The quick guide below, based on some handy charts from the University of Illinois Extension, indicates which nutrient is provided by compostable materials, which to avoid, and how … Read More