Growing ginger: How hard could it be?

This guide is brought to you by a new member of the IG team, Rajitha Yasarathna.  My garden interests initially came out of a love for seeing things grow. Anything really – animals, plants, whatever – that will grow because of the nutrition and care I provide for it. Since our home already has three dogs and two cats, I thought it best to turn … Read More

Turmeric in the tropical garden

One of my favorite additions to the rooftop garden this year has been turmeric. Here in Sri-Lanka, and most of the region, turmeric (locally kaha) is used to add a warm flavor and rich yellow color to curries. It is also very good for dying fabrics and can create shades from sunshine yellow to burnt orange. Other uses include skin care and medicinal … Read More

Modern espalier

My favorite thing to find in the garden is fruit trees in bloom. The smell, the pop of delicate blossoms, and tiny burgeoning fruits. Unfortunately in most small gardens, fruit trees spend most of the year as thorny tangled messes whose branches lazily droop into nearby vegetable beds. The kindly gardener has to tip-toe around her lemons lest they reach out and tear her sleeve, or worse, … Read More

Spicing Things Up

Chiles. Chilies. Chillies. Peppers. Capsicum. Wherever you are, whatever you call them, chiles are a garden favorite the world over with good reason. While they add color and kick to nearly every ethnic flavor, chiles  are versatile and lend well to a variety of environments – including the urban garden. Pair them with eggplant and tomatoes or grow smaller varieties on a … Read More