Not sure how to start growing at home?

Worried that your urban space is not cut out for growing fresh food?


Let’s work together to ease those concerns and transform whatever space you have into your own intrepid garden.herbs

For all first-time users and customers we will provide a free consultation on how to best use your space for growing vegetables, herbs, and ecologically beneficial plants native to your region.

With the information you provide below, we will create a simple, easy-to-follow PDF guide to getting started any time of the year. The guide will walk you through the basics of preparing your space, growing at least 4 varieties, and harvesting your produce.

If you live in Sri Lanka, contact us about arranging an in-person site visit.

All guides are free of charge and are customized for all skill levels. You tell us your needs and we will help get you started. One Skype consultation is provided for readers not in Sri Lanka.

What we need to know:

  • Where you are located (closest city)
  • The size and details of your growing space (indoors/outdoors, amount of sunlight, ample soil/no soil, sloping, etc.)
  • What food your family likes to eat
  • Your level of experience in the garden
  • Amount of time per week you can commit to maintaining the garden
  • If children will be involved

As well as anything else you care to share. The more detail you give use, the more personalized our recommendations become. If any children will be involved in the garden, let us know that too so we can include them.

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