Simplicity and sustainability

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The Clean-Sweep This month I am starting a 5 week series on the relationship between simplicity and sustainability. This is not a lifestyle/organizing/homemaking/minimalist blog, but as I have grown in my understanding of sustainable gardening practices, major changes in my home have naturally followed and I will be sharing some ideas and resources that have informed the simplicity that compliments my environmental efforts so … Read More

Where the time goes

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After two months away from this space I am back with big developments in our life at IG. Most importantly we have recently added a new member, a baby girl born May 2nd. Our little one will undoubtedly have an impact on how the garden develops over the next year, particularly in making it more educational and child-friendly, but she has already … Read More

Easy lemon preserves

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These easy lemon preserves are great for slicing and adding where you would normally use fresh lemons that are no longer in season. The lemons take about a month to really preserve (start while still harvesting your citrus) but will keep for a year if kept in the refrigerator. We used our colorful variegated citrus with a mild lemon flavor. Simply sterilize your … Read More

Does sustainable have to be dirty?

I get some variation of this question, or find it lurking between the lines, every time I speak with someone just beginning to explore permaculture and sustainable lifestyle practices. You want us to go back to living on dirt floors and in rags? You want to bring back the hippie movement? You want us to live in dusty, creaky cabins filled to the ceiling … Read More

Skills for self-reliance in communities

Last week I shared a very comprehensive list of recommended homesteading skills from Granny Miller on our resource page. This list got me thinking more deeply about the kinds of skills I have been striving to develop through this venture and the heritage I want to pass on. As Katherine of Granny Miller mentioned in a recent post, “a household that doesn’t provide for its own … Read More

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