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The Sprout Robot Planting Calendar

Not sure when to begin planting in your zone? Pop over to Sprout Robot for an instant personalized planting calendar.

After trying out several zones I am familiar with, the generated recommendations seem to be spot-on. They even provide general planting instructions and premium services to help guide you through the entire season. Tailor your guides based on growing in beds or in containers, and even order your seeds if you prefer a one-stop-shop deal.

The calendar automatically begins with the current week and includes what you should be starting indoors and what should be set out or sown directly. While I have not tried the premium services, they seem to be a good start for the busy urban grower looking for some hand-holding. And there is no shame in that!


Margie is the founder of IG and is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of working with nature in the garden. She enjoys mangosteen, the rainy season, hammocks, and wild visitors in the garden.

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