New Growth at Intrepid Gardens

Meet the Rosmead Garden Our friends who have volunteered their yard and enthusiasm live just off the cutest lane called Rosmead Place. With the park, shopping, and Town Hall around the corner, we are excited about the prospects of this garden becoming a central teaching opportunity. This also challenges us to design for a more aesthetically oriented population, combining sustainability, high yields, … Read More

Season 1 Successes

While trying to adapt my garden knowledge to growing on a sweltering rooftop I have run into more than a few speedbumps. However, the initial garden implementation has still seen a few successes. Let’s celebrate them! An early step in any garden should be the start of a composting system. We used a simple plastic bin with a lid for our small … Read More

Six months check-in

Approximately six months into building our urban garden, we have been very quiet over the last few weeks as we assess the progress and short-comings of the plan and adapt our stategy to the location and climate. Between pests, extreme heat, and an inconsistant supply of water the initial plantings have seen more downs than ups. The eggplant has been battling spider … Read More