Turmeric in the tropical garden

One of my favorite additions to the rooftop garden this year has been turmeric. Here in Sri-Lanka, and most of the region, turmeric (locally kaha) is used to add a warm flavor and rich yellow color to curries. It is also very good for dying fabrics and can create shades from sunshine yellow to burnt orange. Other uses include skin care and medicinal … Read More

Adding eggplant to the mix

With a soft texture and mild flavor eggplant can serve as an easy-to-grow filler or delicious stand-alone vegetable. Eggplant, or aubergine, comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and flavors. From lean and green to round and black, striped, and even white. By growing them at home you can try varieties far exceeding supermarket eggplant in both flavor and interest. To begin, select … Read More

Grow So Easy: Carrots

Root vegetables are often mistaken as incompatible with container gardening, but for the urban gardener with limited land a container might be the best way to yield an abundant crop of carrots. Growing in the ground makes your root crops more susceptible to pests and with a crop as picky as a carrot is about the soil it prefers to grow in we … Read More

3 Great Ways To Prepare Leeks

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A good source of Vitamin A and Folic acid, leeks are both a tasty and nutritious addition to any meal. Since we have shown you how easy they are to grow, explore 3 great ways to prepare them. With Fish This recipe from Simple Bites highlights a classic pairing of the leek’s mild and sweet onion flavor with seafood. Substitute any fish … Read More