Intrepid Gardens 101: Choosing containers

When beginning to grow food in a small urban space, you are likely to follow up selecting your varieties with choosing containers. If you are new to gardening, containers help set an achievable goal for your first successful seasons. Likewise, if you are new to an area or need to be wary of ground contaminants containers allow you to grow food crops safely … Read More

Prepping terracotta pots for the rooftop garden

The holidays and family visits are over, garden goals for the new year have been set, and after nearly four months of constant precipitation the plants are feeling the shock of a sudden shift to the dry season. In the tropics, our work never ends. On our rooftop, we have a mix of containers with unglazed terracotta pots making up the majority. Plastic … Read More

10 Things you never have to throw away again

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We throw away so many things every day without thinking, just to get in the car, drive to the store, buy some more of them and repeat the process. This started to drive me nuts a few years ago when I was given a lovely collection of old-fashioned lady’s handkerchiefs. I realized the sheer volume of how many tissues I would go through during cold … Read More