Improving urban air quality with common house plants

Research reported in the late 1980s by NASA environmental scientist, B.C. Wolverton, affirms the use of some of the most popular house plants for indoor air purification. With the push in last thirty years toward greater energy efficiency and tighter building practices, and the increased use of synthetic materials and furnishings, air circulation and quality has suffered in both homes and office … Read More

Six months check-in

Approximately six months into building our urban garden, we have been very quiet over the last few weeks as we assess the progress and short-comings of the plan and adapt our stategy to the location and climate. Between pests, extreme heat, and an inconsistant supply of water the initial plantings have seen more downs than ups. The eggplant has been battling spider … Read More

Vegetables to start in June

If you think you have already missed this season’s opportunity for growing your own bounty of fresh veggies, think again. While varieties like tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers should already be in the ground, some veggies can still be started from seed outdoors and will quickly catch up to the rest of the garden in the warm soil temperatures. Consider planting: Beans – … Read More

Making the most of your garden-fresh eggplant

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Eggplant often gets a bad rap as a bitter and heavy vegetable based on the few preparations most Americans are familiar with. Either baked in a casserole to a slimy pulp or twice-fried, what can be a delicate and delightful summer flavor is often buried under grease or disguised by another ingredient. As it is one of the easiest and most nutritious … Read More

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