Simplicity and sustainability

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The Clean-Sweep This month I am starting a 5 week series on the relationship between simplicity and sustainability. This is not a lifestyle/organizing/homemaking/minimalist blog, but as I have grown in my understanding of sustainable gardening practices, major changes in my home have naturally followed and I will be sharing some ideas and resources that have informed the simplicity that compliments my environmental efforts so … Read More

Kicking off this April

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Since the birth of our little one (Thug, as she is called by friends), I have been re-evaluating my goals for this site, the gardens, and our home. Our blog, The Garden Lately, has been quiet for nearly a year, but behind the scenes I have continued to watch the incoming traffic and social media trends to understand what you, the readers, are searching for most … Read More

Where the time goes

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After two months away from this space I am back with big developments in our life at IG. Most importantly we have recently added a new member, a baby girl born May 2nd. Our little one will undoubtedly have an impact on how the garden develops over the next year, particularly in making it more educational and child-friendly, but she has already … Read More

Simple PVC planters

Between Sri-Lankan holidays and freak illnesses, I have been in the process of filling out our new simple pvc planters which we have added all around the perimeter of the rooftop garden. We chose an 8 inch pipe and end-caps, and added 4 inch diameter openings along the top. The openings are about 4 inches apart to give plants a healthy stretch for … Read More

Easy lemon preserves

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These easy lemon preserves are great for slicing and adding where you would normally use fresh lemons that are no longer in season. The lemons take about a month to really preserve (start while still harvesting your citrus) but will keep for a year if kept in the refrigerator. We used our colorful variegated citrus with a mild lemon flavor. Simply sterilize your … Read More

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