Gardening As Graffiti

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“Green loitering” and civil disobedience are making waves of change in urban communities. Guerrilla gardeners, as the rogue citizens are calling themselves, are feeding families, forging policy changes, and facing not a few citations for their work on city-owned vacant lots and the parkways along sidewalks. By “defacing” these areas with nourishing food forests of tomatoes, chilis, salad greens, sunflowers and more, the gardeners … Read More

Protect Your Soil And Use Less Water With Mulch

We grow in the tropics, on a cement rooftop, in more than 6 hours of direct sunlight. Needless to say, our garden gets hot. However, though we water only in the cool of late evenings or early mornings, by dusk the following afternoon our soil is still moist and forms loose clumps when squeezed in the palm. The key to healthy soil is … Read More

The Simplest of Garden Towers

With the need to maximize our limited square footage and access to soil, we are growing up in a variety of ways. The simplest vertical structure anyone can find the materials for is a bag garden. All you need is a tall bag, soil,  string or rope, a cutting utensil, and your plants. While we are using woven plastic bulk rice bags … Read More

Starting Your Seedlings

Some seeds can be direct-sown while others do better when started in a nursery environment prior to the start of the growing season. Sowing Directly This method works well when you have a long growing season and plenty of time for the plants to mature and produce a full harvest. Large seeds, such as beans, corn, peas, cucumber and gourds all do … Read More

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