A Compost Refresher

So by now you know composting involves layering roughly equal parts carbon- and nitrogen-rich waste, but you might be unclear on exactly which of the two are found in a particular kind of waste. The quick guide below, based on some handy charts from the University of Illinois Extension, indicates which nutrient is provided by compostable materials, which to avoid, and how … Read More

Season 1 Successes

While trying to adapt my garden knowledge to growing on a sweltering rooftop I have run into more than a few speedbumps. However, the initial garden implementation has still seen a few successes. Let’s celebrate them! An early step in any garden should be the start of a composting system. We used a simple plastic bin with a lid for our small … Read More

Six months check-in

Approximately six months into building our urban garden, we have been very quiet over the last few weeks as we assess the progress and short-comings of the plan and adapt our stategy to the location and climate. Between pests, extreme heat, and an inconsistant supply of water the initial plantings have seen more downs than ups. The eggplant has been battling spider … Read More

Vegetables to start in June

If you think you have already missed this season’s opportunity for growing your own bounty of fresh veggies, think again. While varieties like tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers should already be in the ground, some veggies can still be started from seed outdoors and will quickly catch up to the rest of the garden in the warm soil temperatures. Consider planting: Beans – … Read More

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