Improving urban air quality with common house plants

Research reported in the late 1980s by NASA environmental scientist, B.C. Wolverton, affirms the use of some of the most popular house plants for indoor air purification. With the push in last thirty years toward greater energy efficiency and tighter building practices, and the increased use of synthetic materials and furnishings, air circulation and quality has suffered in both homes and office … Read More

Edibles in the landscaping

As more and more urban families begin to explore growing food at home, we read about more and more run-ins with homeowner’s associations and city councils claiming that our gardens are unsightly and inappropriate. While I do not recommend backing down or growing apologetically as we strive to show our communities what can be possible, I do want to encourage the aesthetically … Read More

The Simplest of Garden Towers

With the need to maximize our limited square footage and access to soil, we are growing up in a variety of ways. The simplest vertical structure anyone can find the materials for is a bag garden. All you need is a tall bag, soil,  string or rope, a cutting utensil, and your plants. While we are using woven plastic bulk rice bags … Read More

Building Up With Grow Towers

When working with a small footprint, adding more usually means you need to look to building up. In the introduction to our tiny plot I mentioned that we are exploring the use and efficiency of tower-like growing systems. There are many commercial varieties available across the world wide web constructed of nearly as many different materials. Some even include hydroponic and aquaponic … Read More

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