Potato Roses

Yes, you read that right. In this week’s post I shall try to shed some light on propagating roses using potatoes. I came across potato roses while browsing through the interweb for better ways to propagate my roses. Now I admit, I’m not a pro rose gardener. I’m no pro gardener at all. I identify my roses by their colours – red, yellow, pink and white. … Read More

Mealybug matters

I’ve had a lot of bad luck with the mealybug. Plants that have succumbed to this little white bug include a couple of frangipanis (Araliya), a cane palm, a lime tree, a white rose, and more than one succulent. It’s easy for this pest to go unnoticed because the bug attaches itself to the under-side of the leaves of the plant it attacks. Fortunately, … Read More

Growing ginger: How hard could it be?

This guide is brought to you by a new member of the IG team, Rajitha Yasarathna.  My garden interests initially came out of a love for seeing things grow. Anything really – animals, plants, whatever – that will grow because of the nutrition and care I provide for it. Since our home already has three dogs and two cats, I thought it best to turn … Read More