Cassava for the Tropical Home Garden + Recipes

Cassava (also known as manioc, yucca, and tapioco) is a great staple crop for the tropical home garden. Both the young leaves and starchy tubers are edible and can easily replace the potato, which is better suited to cooler climates. Popular throughout Africa, the leaves (a good source of protein and vitamin) are boiled and mashed, and often served over rice. The … Read More

Permaculture in small spaces

In addition to our rooftop efforts, we have a tiny courtyard garden to make use of. When I first moved in, the garden had several lovely tropical varieties in pots, but the soil was either paved over or covered in stones to prevent splashing mud during the monsoon seasons. There were no edible varieties, save two tiny curry saplings. There were also … Read More

Over watering and how to avoid it

After months away from my tropical oasis, spent shivering and celebrating with family in the states, I was eager to get back and start planting again. I gleefully, with the occasional skip, started poking seeds into every pot I could get my hands on. Lavender and other herbs from home, Ceylon spinach, kang kung, and every other green; tomatoes from every hot … Read More

A Place of Their Very Own

In the bustling city, amongst the close facades and frenzied homeowners, it can be difficult for a bird to find a place to call home. Out of limbs and run out of attics, they’ve nowhere to bed down. A shame, considering the ecological role they could play in urban gardens and restoration efforts. While they might come after our fruits and berries, … Read More

Toxic Lovelies To Keep Away From Pets

To help keep your furry household members safe we have compiled a list of common (not all) toxic plants and the reported symptoms found in pets when ingested. Either avoid keeping these plants around the home and garden, place them out of reach, or train Bruiser and Fluffy to avoid them. Most animals will avoid these plants on their own, but if … Read More

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